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Safari 5 Extensions That Are Purely Awesome

July 15, 2010


So everyone has heard the big discussion about Apple’s latest version of Safari. TOday I’m going to be going over one of the biggest new features that has really caught my attention. EXTENSIONS!

Anyone and everyone who is an online enthusiast, like my self, knows that the better the web browser, the better the experience you receive. Now I’ve always been a really big Safari fan, but sometimes I want to have the connivence of sending a tweet from the current window I’m on or read my emails instantly. So, I would venture over into the firefox side of town and get my guilty pleasure of using the widgets. While using firefox, I would enjoy the widgets but not enjoy the ugly interface that firefox brings to you. If you click on something it puts the ugly Windows border around it. When you go from page to page, the speed is SUPER slow. I just didn’t like the experience. But now……… Safari 5 brings everything that I have ever wanted, right there, at my finger tips.

The widgets on firefox and chrome are now called “Extentions” on Safari. These extentions are little features that will make you love APPLE even more than you already do. So, I have compiled a list of some of my favs. Here the are:

So, thats it! I know, not that many! There’s not that many out there right now. So… thanks for reading and AS ALWAYS…. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME! See you later! 😀

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