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Are you a blogger? Why aren’t you on twitter?

July 16, 2010

Everyone in the world knows about twitter. So, why haven’t you signed up yet? Are you scared? Do you think its to complicated? What ever the case is, GET OVER IT!

Did you know twitter is the number 11 most viewed site in the world? How about that twitter is a blog, just like yours. Although twitter’s posts are under 140 characters, you get the point.

Most of the people on twitter that have over 50,000 followers are celebrity’s and bloggers. And each time that blogger tweets out a new post, the get hundreds, maybe even thousands of comments to they’re blog.

So, why aren’t you on twitter? Come join the party today. If your still not satisfied, here a list of the top ten extra’s that you will get when you join twitter!

Number 1: RELEVANT READERS! When starting a blog, the first thing that you want to do is get readers. They are the most important part of a blog. Without them, your posting for nothing!

Number 2: MORE COMMENTS! Comments are the things that keeps us bloggers running. With out the support of readers commenting, we feel like we’re waisting our time.

Number 3: HIGHER RANKING! Not do you just get higher ranking on your post, but also get a higher ranking on your blog in general. With a higher ranking on popular search engines, all of the above multiply!

Number 4: GET CONNECTIONS: On twitter, you can make some many connections and relationships with your readers! People can ReTweet your post and reply to you about it. Then you can reply back in conclusion making a conversion.

Thats my top 4 things you will see happening to your blog when you join twitter and use it properly.

If you want to read more, please check out my blog. Thanks for reading and I hope that this was ver helpful to you.

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